Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots

Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots

By Playtika LTD

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2011-11-07
  • Current Version: 3.16.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 266.11 MB
  • Developer: Playtika LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 239,763 Ratings


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  • Fun is gone

    By MTW2912
    Used to be such a fun game, once you get up in levels if you don’t have a lot of money you can’t participate in anything . And the machines are set like Vegas , not able to win enough to keep you playing . Very disappointed in how they have made this game not worth playing anymore ! Also now in the dash I have to win 49.28 billion in 75 spins , can’t even come close and lost over 100 billion , can’t participate in the private eye either 250 million bet per spin . Can’t win so best to delete app ! Seriously disappointing!
  • Best 10 things about this game

    By Fool to play
    #1 - if it said this game gives ace wont. #2- if it said bet big win won’t. #3- if you sell your Sloto cards .you will never get the top prize. #4-if you buy coins.they will never let you win big .need to keep suckers coming back. #5- the big spinn only lands on the black or white after you have bought coins.once or twice. #6- if you have to pick feathers in the game for a prize you will never get the top prize. You know the game. #7- the club does nothing for you you can not win in any club game. #9-to play a quest and win it cost you more then you could ever win. #10-when they say you can win up to billions you won’t ever.bonus question......... why do we rig each and every spin......drum rolll........Because we can........bonus question #2............why do we stop all bonuses when you make large bets ........drum got it .because we’.’
  • Slotomania

    By Dog shirt
    I have had a decent day of playing. Thank you.i hope the game is twice S loose tomorrow. Thank you try this game you will love it. Aug.23. I have been trying to get a wild card today I need. And I should have known. You are making it impossible to win
  • I've been playing this for years I should be platinum and you cheat I can't

    By Sick of reconnect
    Cheat all the time I can't get my ace prize when I try it cuts off every time and it takes a very long just for the game to load what's the problem with that slot mania is junk
  • Thanks Lucy

    By Tatojuradoc
    Great game, ups and downs. Thanks Lucy for making the game fun again. Lucy bring to life our fav heroes again. Lucy please don’t make it so hard to get cases in the Clan, thanks.
  • They have taken everything away!!!

    By Losee1
    Use to have fun playing the games. You were able to get big and mega wins, bonuses and free spins! You were able to get new slotocards! You were able to complete dashes! Would have rated a 5!!! Now reels are tight and tightly controlled!!!. Free spins are rare as are big and mega wins, bonuses & slotocards! Use to have 100’s of billions, now only 15 million left! They take everything and push purchases! When you can’t afford to purchase you are left out!!!! This app is no longer free or fun!!! So far all spins are empty!!! Need to win mega amounts in 75 spins! Lucy won’t help! When does the fun come back?????
  • Your payouts are not equal to what I spend, not even close!!

    By lacross57
    I’m extremely upset about the payouts that I haven’t been getting compared to the amount of money I spend on this game. I’m down for sure in the week and a half at the most. I’ve spent over 1000.00 and I can’t hardly ever get a free spin. I’m crying right now because I’m so disappointed in myself thinking that this time I have to win because my losing streak can’t go on forever, but then you prove me wrong. So I completely believe that the payout on this game are messed up because its certainly not fair. you expect us to be loyal to you, but it’s a one way road, you are not being loyal to us. I’ve talked to so many other friends who play this game and I hear the same old stories from them. I figured that every 10,000 coins over the first additional 20,000 you have to spend in order to get into the slotoclub, that I have additional 117,728 of them. That way over 1000.00 dollars and I absolutely got nothing but little wins here and there. I spent over 200.00 just today and got 2 free spins, first one I won a little bit over 2 billion coins and the 2nd one around 300 billion. That’s nothing when you are at the level that I’m at. I have a hard time leveling up because I cannot win. At this rate I will have no Choice but to find another slot game out there were I will be appreciated. we will have to part ways and that is strictly your choice. I have to find a way to pay all this money back that I’ve charged my CC to spend on big fat losses. I’ve never had such a bad experience with your game before and I’ll be darn if I go through one more cent on this game because it would be just like throwing it out the window. Im out of coins to spend and I’m out of money, so thanks for nothing, I couldn’t even try and enjoy the promotions that you have going because I just couldn’t win anything and don’t say that one day you are lucky and the next you are not. Well I’ve try playing and switching around games and the same thing happened NOTHING. Just since June I’ve spent close over 3000.00 and I must be the biggest sucker out there. You guys probably sit around and laugh at me while you take all my money. I’m heartbroken, nothing feels worst then working all week and to unwind you spend your paycheck paying off your CC on a losing game. I don’t feel good anymore after playing this game as a stress relief. I feel just the opposite. So I guess the jokes on me. I have taken pictures so that I could send them to you to prove my point, but I don’t know how to reduce them to the size you’ll accept.
  • Forced stops on reels

    By make me a epic winner
    Another bonus not to be because u force stop the reels. Shame on u Slotomania. You have no right to say are you having fun when you make sure we don’t. Where is the star on the dice all I get is 2 or 3. Come on Slotomania on quest last one 2 1/2 days still can’t get bonus I’m at 79% are u kidding me? No fun at all 242m not one bonus no big win only won less than the amount I was playing. Not even could I get the daily dash. Unbelievable. Puzzle cards I have 2 . Most times I get nothing at all. You fix it so I don’t complete sets or get puzzle cards. You fix games so I don’t win anymore. That’s ok I will still play cause I like your games but will never spend a penny . Just can’t win I know I’m not that unlucky. So depressing u just add more misery to my life. U giveth but u make sure u take it awAy. Turn in my cards got 4350 boy r u cheapnothing absolutely nothing. No fun? U know there is no fun in losing ? Right? Three days in a row majestic cards pick three I got nothing u know not very fair you wAit all day and u get nothing. It’s like when you buy a package u should receive at least one card that u need every time I buy I always get repeats. Turn in my extra cards and that’s another rip off I get 4000 never the big ones smh. Playing in Nashville nights I get the bonus finally 10 spins which is rare usually get 8 only got a couple of thousands less than I spent then I got the bonus again got like 1240. Where’s the fun Slotomania. I’m not buying I bought yesterday. It was gone in seconds. Pretty sad when you play 25m per spin like 100 times and win nothing not even one bonus. Wow pretty sad spending 10m per spin get bonus get 2m pretty sad. Come on sloto spent over 2b can’t get a bonus or mega win r u kidding me your slots tighter than a real casino. Turned in 30 cards got 17m cheap. Over 2 b get either no bonus or low paying bonus smh that’s why I don’t buy if I can’t win or get bonus with 2b I don’t think what I buy is going to help. Also can’t even complete a card set. I get 630m great!!! I play no mega wins no bonus all gone smh what the heck why bother?another ripoff on the wheel cash in cards 75 percent larger prize I get 10 m u ripoff cheating Slotomania thumbs down no fun. This is why I don’t buy I bought a package to complete daily dash could not get one single sloto card so sad where is the fun Slotomania™ cause I don’t believe losing is . Your a cheap cheat. Eagle quest finally get the bonus only to have no birds appear really Slotomania what a cheat. Unbelievable what a cheat 2 days 3 picks got nothing that isn’t right what is the use of getting star dice when all I get is 2,3 or 4 where is the star .10b and I can’t get sloto cards or bonus wth Slotomania. Not fair Slotomania 5 days in a row pick three won nothing smh. Where r the 4 star sloto cards not seeing any. Turn in cards got 7m. No sloto cards So fixed u make sure I don’t win. And yet u think this is fun smh. You r unfair u make sure I never win any events you make impossible by simply not giving the coins, sloto cards or big wins. You rig the games and take away fun. Six days in a row majestic card puck 3 nothing again impossible for one person to be so unlucky u fix it so I don’t win. This should be illegal where r the bonus rounds Slotomania u cheater
  • Slotomania™

    By sphill1051
    And a good time was had by all! Yeaaaah! +++++++ ! Another big win! Never know what kind of new game will be next! What fun! Free games free coins, what’s not to love! Big wins make my day! If they have technical problems, they do go back and make it up to you! Hours of inexpensive fun! Big wins bring big smiles! And it keeps on coming! Love the big wins-lets me keep playing. Big wins make it all the more fun to play! Worth every penny I am not paying for them! Fun way to take a break! The quests are great fun especially with big wins! Makes for an enjoyable waste of time. Daily dashes provide a punch challenge! Lots of fun for no money! Big wins make the quests more enjoyable. Love big wins - makes the games much more enjoyable! Fun way to start the day. The big wins are still fun, but they are fewer and farther apart... Fun in the sun with big wins! Big wins keep me playing, especially for free! Still the best free game on the market! Big wins = big fun! Keeps me interested in continuing to play. Big wins are great, but they are fewer and farther between now. I love those big wins, but they are too far apart.
  • Beware

    By Telsaeileen
    This game is only for people who like to win billions!!!