Trainer Oasis

Trainer Oasis

By Brandon Smith

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-04-15
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 433.52 MB
  • Developer: Brandon Smith
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 41 Ratings


Once upon a time, there existed a land blessed by and under the aegis of holy divines, human and other thousands of different creatures were living here and breeding their descendants for hundreds years. Until one day, the ancient, savage void evil descended upon this land, wiped out most of livings, even the gods are gone. The world once we called home, is dying. It is time for human and monster stand together, fight and retake our homeland, be ready to assemble a team, rise from ruins and save our doomed home. Game features -Enjoy modern 3D-graphics and amazing animation. -Collect hundreds unique monsters. -Travel across vast world full of spectacular spots. -Immerse yourself into thrilling story and distinctive characters. -Use various skills to make your own team synergy and combination. -Battle with players all around the world in Arena.



  • Wow...

    By three stars is easy
    I really love it but they got it the type wrong but most of the time well very little of the time they’re right for me overall this game is good but it’s a little bit too easy that’s why am giving it three stars I want more thing is that this game is kind of weird because I’ve got out of it
  • Y

    By tyuhj8yhhhh98
    Cool game
  • No support

    By Neumastic
    Forced us to move apps, but now not able to log in and support unresponsive.
  • Falsely advertised as a pokemon game

    Petty and pathetic business ethic.
  • Review

    By tguady
    Game was great until the update now I can't play it because all it does is crash and I can't play the older version because it says I had to update so I guess I lose all my progress because I can't play either now. Was a great game until the update.

    By jamesdtopher
    I saw this game pop up on my Instagram feed. You market it as Pokémon showing pikachu and others from the games. And yet not one can be found in the game, nor are you associated with the Pokémon company. So I feel what you’re doing is wrong and misleading. Also it crashes, a lot. And even with what’s on the game there are misspellings and just a lot wrong. Don’t download this game. Zero stars. Nothing like Pokémon, don’t lie to yourself.
  • I love it but...

    By Cutey19558
    This game is awesome! You can actually fight just like real pokemon! And there is even a whole story and bad team and everything! But the only problem I have is the fact that pokemon can be different types... for example you can have a grass type squirtle, and water type charmander, and a fire type bulbasaur. And that goes for all the like all the pokemon not just the starters. It gets annoying when I want for example a water type then I get squirtle and I’m like yes! Then see it’s red then I’m sad because it was not a water type. And in the ad it showed a pikachu running around but you can’t really run around in the game so I think you should add that Because it would be fun running around and stuff.
  • Fun, but crashes often

    By DemonicOtaku
    Fun game, but it crashes so often that it takes the fun out it. Cant attempt to do really anything without the game crashing.
  • Keep on crashing every time I join

    By Mi$ery
    So I saw this game and I really love Pokémon but this is like making me not to trust what I see because every time I join the game it's just keep crashing every time it finish loading
  • Good buuuuuut...

    By DoctorMika95
    First I just want to say I really like the game. Supposedly you have to wait for energy refills but I’ve never had to wait. If your Pokémon faint or get hurt, you don’t have to wait for them to heal before battling again. Literally the ONLY thing you have to wait on is league battle tickets, and you only have to wait 30 mins per ticket. Most games have a 1-2 hour wait on EVERYTHING so impatience is not a problem with this game and that’s a great feature. You’re not forced to spend real money to progress, another perk to the game. It’s inclusive to all the Pokémon games including the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. THERE ARE NO ADS!!! I. Love. That. However that is one issue. I’m a diehard Pokémon fan, been one since my very first Pokémon game about 15 years ago. There are a few things that I can tolerate, and this is a warning for fellow fans who can’t stand this, like a Squirtle able to be (brace yourselves) a grass-type. Charmander able to be a water-type. Bulbasaur able to be a fire-type. And no, it doesn’t stop at starters. Pikachu can be a water-type but I have yet to even hear of any electric-types. Togepi and Chancey can’t fight and are only ever used a power-up or breaking materials. But the thing is have the biggest problem with is that you can only evolve a Pokémon once. I take a lot of issue with that because evolution is one of the greatest qualities of Pokémon games and you’ve taken that away. Why? My Charmander will never become a Charizard. My Pichu will never become a Raichu. I was so disappointed, I was really looking forward to that. Please change this in the next update. It would make the game so much better than it already is.