Notebook - Take Notes, Sync

Notebook - Take Notes, Sync

By Zoho Corporation

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2017-01-18
  • Current Version: 4.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 54.81 MB
  • Developer: Zoho Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.11 or later.
Score: 4
From 303 Ratings


Beautifully simple. Simply the best note-taking app for Mac. Take notes, create checklists, record audio, capture moments with Notebook. All your notes are instantly synced across your devices and to the cloud.  The simple, intimate joy of Notebook comes from using the app. We've been meticulous in our design, paying attention to every detail. Notebook is 100% free and ad-free. Web and Mobile apps and a Web Clipper for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are also available.  TAKE NOTE Notebook provides different ways to take notes and capture your thoughts. - Write notes. Start with text, add images, checklists or audio, all in the same note. - Create and mark checklists to get stuff done with the dedicated checklist note card. - Record ideas, meetings, and lectures with the audio note card. - Capture moments using the dedicated photo note card. SMART CARDS Content added to Notebook gets intelligently formatted into beautiful, distinct cards. - Recipe Card automatically pulls the recipe photo and description, creates a checklist for ingredients, and provides step-by-step cooking instructions. See for supported sites. - Video Card automatically pulls video preview and, once cards is opened, plays in a distraction-free space. Works for YouTube and Vimeo. - Link Card pulls the headline or page title of any link, along with the main image, creating a beautiful note card. NOTABLE GESTURES We've brought mobile-inspired gestures to the Mac. Navigate Notebook without a single click. - Hover over notebooks and note cards; two finger swipe for more information, or to lock or delete. - Pinch in and out to open and close notebooks and note card groups. - Use two fingers to flick through grouped note cards. CUSTOMIZE & ORGANIZE - Choose a notebook cover or create your own by simply dragging an image onto a notebook. - Color code your notes by choosing from one of our pre-made colors, or by choosing your own.  - Organize note cards into notebooks; group note cards that go together.  - Move or copy note cards between notebooks. - Switch to a dark-themed Night Mode. - Link related notes to one another. - Favorite notes to find them quickly. - Tag your notes to make them easily searchable and keep them organized. FIND YOUR NOTES - Search your notes within a notebook or across notebooks. - Search for objects within photos, text within photos, and more. REMINDERS - Set reminders to stay on top of things. SHARE - Create Public Notes with sharable links. SYNC, SECURE & SEARCH - Synchronize all your notes and notebooks across devices and to the cloud. - Begin taking a note on one device, add to it from another later. - Lock individual notes and notebooks with Touch ID or passcodes. - Search your notes within a notebook or across notebooks. TOUCH BAR Touch Bar runs through Notebook, providing contextual navigation options throughout the app. - Change views and create note cards directly from the Touch Bar. - Each note card comes with its own set of contextual Touch Bar options. - Change notebook covers or note card colors from the Touch Bar. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Additional information about the app is available at



  • poor synching

    By Daylightsavings
    It all fall apart. now my desktop native notebook asks me to "sign in" then a separate online window opens, with the version that is on my lap top.. non of it is synching right.. it's like 3 different notebook windows. Also, everyone should know that they are logging your notes and they arenot private. they are being mined for data. boo!
  • Suggestion

    By dm.r.j.r
    Would be nice if Annotate… was included so pictures or documents could fit nicely in the notes. I hate to mention this but Evernote has this feature and it’s great but Evernote has serious problems now and after 7 years of paying, I’m leaving them. Keep on top of NOTEBOOK.

    By Renat G.
    The app is well designed and is super easy to use - that’s what attracted me to it at the first place. The Notebook was an escape from the other distracting note apps for me. The main issue I have with Notebook is the inability to export whole notebooks or multiple notes at the same time. I have hundreds and can’t do much useful stuff with them outside of Notebook. The frustration comes not in the fact that I just want "another feature,” but in the fact that “export” is the core functionality of any notes / writing app. And I find it impossible to believe that a $2b company has just forgotten to include it. There are many ways to import from other apps like Evernote, but not export… Is this a stick strategy? If so, it’s a really bad one. I’ve moved to Scrivener, which has been a game changed for my writing.
  • Simple, useful and aesthetic app for notes-taking

    By trelinena
    I am really amazed by the functions of this app, and I never could expect a free app to offer such quality services! I love using it a lot, and I sincrerely recommend it to my family and friends for its functions and simple art concept. It is extremely user-friendly from my perspective since I use it on both my Mac and ipad pro which helps me greatly to manage my study notes/calendars/to-do-list, and so on! It surely buys me more time and soothes my pains of organizing notes. My only suggestion is that I hope the developers could consider to let users amplify the doodle notes on thier macs and phones because when I jot down handwritten notes on ipad pro, and then when I look it on the mac it's not that crear (but yea, surely readable) for easy quick look. So anyway, it doesn't do harm to leave it like this, however, I just wish to be able to amplify it. Thank you thank you, yo awesome app developers! Love and appreciate your work!!
  • Doesn't Save Notes

    By polishgirlnyc
    Love this app, the design is very sleek and the individual notebooks are very cute! I've been having some issues however, where my notes have not been saving. This has become a big issue, especially considering that my lecturer doesn't post the slides online. Sadly I've had to move the majority of my notes back to a word doc, hopefully this issue can be fixed soon!
  • How does itwork?

    By Pops 75
    how does it work? I dont get it.
  • Almost PERFECT!!

    By star~reviewer
    This app is everything needed in a notebook, it's almost perfect except for missing features that I'd absolutely love to see: - Font variety - Text size - Text colors or highlight colors - Sketch notes on Mac!!!! I use a Wacom tablet and I'd love to be able to draw on my computer. I have an iPhone but not an iPad, meaning I can't really use the sketch notes feature often. A nice concept but seeing it integrated into the Mac version would be the best.
  • Not at all user-friendly ...

    By rAllcorn
    Many apps in the Mac world are what we would call "user-friendly". The learning curve is short, simple and easy to grasp. Not so with this one. I wrestled with it for about 5 minutes before I decided that Evernote was far supperior to this app. -deleted-
  • SImple Export Needed

    By franzschneider
    Great app so far and beautiful! But let's face it–notes are pretty dang central for a lot of people and migrating to a new app can be risky–especially with lack of export features. No matter how great your app is, easy-to-find export features are not only critical in case the app doesn't suit a user's needs but admirable–because a company isn't assuming a user wants to be trapped. I have read that you have export features availble, but I have still not found them in the app or web versions. Exporting all data should be right there, clear as day. I am nervous about migrating without that.
  • Super Puper

    By Rameo
    Очень удобная программа, интефейс и функциональность без слов хороши. Очень нравится мульииплатформенность и синхронизация между всеми устройствами.